‘Affirming that the Universe resembles nothing and is only formless amounts to saying that the universe is something like a spider or spit(Georges Bataille)’

‘Affirming that the Universe resembles nothing’,The Untitled Drawing Projects appears on parts of architecture, and will disappear from the place to return to the nothing, or to the “formless”, following the fate of the Universe. The project continues to grow, improvise, and transform one to another, to evolve over time in front of the viewer as a performance.

None of the visible material form has been forever, unless time disappears from the matter. The activities of continuous production/destruction of the architectural parts only deepens the process of the entropy.

The performance delivers a cycle of images to induce the viewer into a state of inclusion. As the performance unfolds the viewer becomes a part of the improvised aspect of the performance where the architecture of the gallery becomes as important as the proximity of the viewer in the way the work reveals itself. The drawing project situates itself in the boundary between public and personal space.

—- Momoko Suzuki —-

Momoko Suzuki is a time based performance artist based in London and Tokyo.

Shortlisted for the prestigious Future Map, London’s leading annual exhibition of the finest emerging talent, Momoko Suzuki is an artist with a uniquely compelling visual language.

Taking as its starting point, Battaille’s formulation of the inform, and exploring the possibility of a contemporary interpretation of the (formless); Suzuki builds ongoing series of highly ritualized, site-specific, performative works, where the very medium of the works production is reduced to the absolute minimum, but where the scale and sheer ambition of the endeavor is undertaken at an architectural scale.

Suzuki’s exhibiting project, the ongoing Untitled Drawing Projects, is an encounter with Momoko Suzuki ‘s prodigious talent for creating accomplished and ambitious site-specific works. During her performance, Suzuki has been produced a large-scale, time-based work drawn directly onto the walls, and transforming one to another architecture. Exploring formlessness and repetitive action, a visual record of her interpretation and stages of discovery throughout the works development, the entire production process, and resulting work, will be visible to the public only to then disappear at the close of the performance, under the white surface’s that form the very fabric of the space. Here impermanence, and the questioning of the positing of singular, permanent art work being central tenants of the work.

Momoko Suzuki born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1982, Momoko Suzuki graduated from Central Saint Martins College in 2009. Her projects have been selected for prestigious prizes such as the annual exhibition Future Map 09, hosted by the internationally renowned Zabludowicsz Collection, London which brings emerging art to new audiences. Suzuki’s recent solo and group exhibitions include: ‘Saitama Triennale 2016′[2016], ‘Momoko Suzuki | Sarah Tse Duo Exhibition’ , Hong Kong  [2013]. Recent commissions also include new projects for Propaganda Hair London/Tokyo/Milan; as an artist /curator ‘The Happening 005&003′ in Tokyo [2014 – 2012]; ‘Devour’ curated by Jotta [2011]London; ‘Market Estate Project’ [2010] London; ‘TIME’ at WW(CW) Gallery London [2010]. Her works are also included in many private collections in and outside of Japan and UK.

— Keith Wittle —

“For the artist, walls provide a surface for expression that lacks the vulnerability of paper, nescitating a transient quality similar to that of time and nature. Suzuki performatively draws directly onto architectural structures to create site-specific installations, with intentions to leave the work “unfinished” in reflection of the entropy of the universe. Her practice is founded on and shared the idea of Minimalism, dealing with the spatial relationship between the spectator and the object, as well as object and surrounding space. To quote Sol LeWitt, who mentioned that conceptual art is usually free from the dependence of the skill of the artist, Suzuki is concerned not about skill and theory but as LeWitt says in his Paragraphs on Conceptual Art, about being ‘intuitive, it is involved with all types of mental process and it is purposeless.'” Stephanie Poon(Artify Gallery Hong Kong), reference: ‘One To Watch:Momoko Suzuki’, interview by James Churchill (Jotta)

“At the main entrance to the exhibition space proper, a stylish Japanese girl sporting flamboyant feather headgear is down on her knees, carefully drawing in pencil a delicate, floral and seemingly – endless pattern on the walls. This is the soothing performance of Central Saint Martins’ BA Graduate Momoko Suzuki, who serenely informs me that once the exhibition is over, her ‘Untitled’ will ‘disappear’, returning once more to the ‘formless fate of the universe’.” Ana Vukadin (murmurArt, Dialogue)

“Future Map is the best guide to discovering emerging artists and designers with great talent, destined to break out onto the London art scene.”

Fatima Maleki

“Artist Momoko Suzuki continues her impressive time-based performance and drawing installation on the walls of WW Gallery…(Time Out London)”

“She selected as one of the young leading young artists in London by the selection panel for ‘Market Estate Projects’. At the open art festival in the residence program, Momoko was engaged to expose her work over the 2500 audiences…(Market Estate Project London)